An Operational/Financial perspective on the Business Intelligence space

Recently I corresponded with a Seattle based strategic Financial and Operational professional, Gary Beebe Jr, who currently serves as a Sr Program Manager for Finance at NCSoft, a global MMO gaming company with a big presence in the Seattle area.

Gary and I were talking about BI and he summed up his view quite eloquently – and I felt a summary of his thoughts were worthy of a brief blog post:

Gary:  “The BI space is fascinating to me and one of my personal operating tenets. There are a lot of, if not all companies trying to get their minds wrapped around what it means to their organization, and more importantly, how to drive the “intelligence and analytics” out of the mountain of data that systems now gather. The organizations that operate under an enterprise capability model and strategy will be able to stay in front of the curve and use BI as a competitive advantage. Organizations that lack capability will ultimately fail at the BI game, because they lack either the management, process or other operational capability to either properly capture or utilize the data gathered in a meaningful way. I view it much like companies that utilize operational excellence (another one of my tenets that I preach in the business world) to a competitive advantage like Toyota, Southwest, Walmart (to use larger scaled examples). Companies now have an arbitrage opportunity in their market or vertical to drive a sustained competitive advantage utilizing BI to drive their entire business functionality including the most important utility of all, product demand.”

What do you think of Gary’s points?  Do you agree?  How can companies lacking strong operational excellence successfully approach their BI initiatives?


Gary Beebe Jr. is a FINANCIAL AND STRATEGIC OPERATIONS PROFESSIONAL with a unique blend of expertise in developing organizational capability strategy and driving change management, ROI and efficiency through utilization and expertise in process engineering, system architecture and implementation, corporate governance and organizational management, application implementation, project management and human capital.  Follow him on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.