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Surveyed Talent Acquisition professionals say that Talent Sourcing - the effort involved to generate qualified candidates for employment - takes up 38% or more of their time, making it challenging to find time to address candidates at later stages of the funnel. At Makena, we live at the TOP OF THE FUNNEL, so our clients can do the things that they do best.


By managing the “top of the funnel” for our partners, we enable recruiters to focus their time and attention on the bottom of the funnel, providing them with a steady stream of qualified candidates to share with their hiring managers.

Talent Acquisition Leaders

Talent Acquisition leaders lean on us to help make their recruiters more successful by allowing them to focus on higher-touch aspects of the recruiting lifecycle and freeing them from the burden of sourcing!

Hiring Managers

Every hiring manager needs a healthy pipeline of talent for their hard-to-fill open positions. By partnering with Makena, you’ll ensure a steady stream of prequalified, proactively sourced candidates land in your managers’ inboxes with regularity.

About Us

We choose us for your talent sourcing needs?
We are obsessed with getting it done right.

Makena Partners was established in 2012 as a recruiting services firm focused on results.

We figured out early on how to navigate the murky talent acquisition waters to get to the best candidates, and since our founding, have evolved into a full-service talent sourcing agency designed to help our clients build out robust talent pipelines.

Simply put, we source, so you can hire.

  • We are uniquely positioned to support your technology needs, with a distinct focus on cloud computing and automation.

  • We put our heart into everything we do. We'll never work on anything we can't ourselves be excited about.

  • We operate with a "line of force" methodology - ensuring that we deliver results with energy and enthusiasm.

  • We do this because we strive to add value through ethical and honest work.

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