February 6, 2014

Workforce Management Software

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As an experienced staffing and recruiting firm, we know what it takes to identify the very best talent, hire them into your organization, train and motivate them to succeed, and encourage them to stay around.  That’s why we’ve wrapped everything we know into our own cloud-based workforce management software suite, Teamshifter.

Teamshifter is designed to enable employers who do high-volume staffing in multiple locations to more effectively do their jobs.  Our workforce efficiency software gives you everything you need to effectively attract, hire, on-board, train, schedule and manage your employees.

A few of our key features include:

  • Custom Job Application Builder – create a web/mobile friendly job application unique to your company and positions
  • Powerful user permissions – set up managers for specific locations/departments, add employees for employee referral tracking
  • Social media – broadcast jobs through company and employee Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts
  • Paperless on-boarding – get new hires to sign employment forms online, and store all important documents in the cloud
  • Shift scheduling – set up and manage shifts by location
  • Team collaboration – employees can share information and connect with each other in your own branded, private social network

Visit Teamshifter more for information and to schedule a demo/free trial.