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We represent only the best software engineering talent in these (and other) disciplines:
Go to Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development

Whether its .Net, Java, Node.js, Angular, React, Python, Ruby, or any other core programming language, we provide access to the most skilled and highly respected software engineers in the field.

Go to Data Science + Data Engineering

Data Science + Data Engineering

We represent engineers with hands-on experience building large data models and big-data environments across the entire tech stack including AWS, Apache Spark, SQL, R, Python,with deep expertise in AI and ML technologies.

Go to DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure

DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure

Hire engineers with experience writing and maintaining infrastructure automation, deploying to and troubleshooting Kubernetes clusters (AKS, GKE) and working with container-based CI/CD pipelines.

About Us

Why choose Makena Partners?
We are obsessed with getting it done right.

Makena Partners was established in 2012 as a technology services firm focused on results.

We help our clients solve their business technology problems, both big and small. Our solutions engineers are highly certified technology professionals, available across a variety of disciplines to help solve complicated technology challenges for businesses of all sizes.

  • We are uniquely positioned to support your technology needs, with a distinct focus on cloud computing and automation.

  • We put our heart into everything we do. We'll never work on anything we can't ourselves be excited about.

  • We operate with a "line of force" methodology - ensuring that we deliver results with energy and enthusiasm.

  • We do this because we strive to add value through ethical and honest work.

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