January 11, 2016

Sales Recruiting

Sales RecruitingRecruiting top-performing sales talent to your organization can be the difference between just getting by, and huge success.  Identifying, soliciting and ultimately winning over the best software sales reps to your company can be challenging; as a general rule of thumb, the best performers are not looking for jobs, they are busy closing business.

Makena Partners’ delivers Sales Recruiting to companies looking for an edge in the market.  Whether you are an early stage startup, at growth stage, or an established player in your industry, we can help identify the best prospective candidates for your team, and execute on a recruiting strategy to get them excited about joining your team.

How do we do it?

We understand that recruiting is sales.  The product is your job opening, the buyer is a top-performing candidate not actively in the market for a new opportunity.  Going back to basics, we follow a simple workflow to acheive results:

  1. Identify prospect(s)
  2. Propose a no-obligation consultation (to ensure they are in the best possible financial position given their current situation)
  3. Listen for concerns/hot-button issues
  4. Match those hot-button issues to the job opening we are recruiting for

Find Blue Chip Sales Talent

It’s not rocket-science, it just takes time and energy to research the market, execute on the workflow, and get you the resumes you won’t find through the job boards.

But our work doesn’t stop there – we’ll partner with  you to conduct screenings, coordinate interviews, check references, and most importantly, negotiate an offer.

Sales Recruiting doesn’t have to be difficult – you just need the right partner, and we are ready for the challenge.