Sharepoint vs Box for Collaboration

Many companies flock to Sharepoint 2013 the way bees do honey – as a Microsoft product, it’s often the default go-to for companies (already using MS products) looking to build and manage collaboration portals.  However, there are a few new players on the block, that while lacking the deep integrations with other Microsoft technologies (Azure, Windows, Office, etc.) give Sharepoint a run for their money with regards to pricing, features, and flexibility. […]

SaaS Conversion Analysis – 4 Key Factors

As a SaaS provider, you are focused on optimizing your customer acquisition channels (at the same time as keeping your current customers happy with new products, features and services.)  More then ever, you’re diving into your business intelligence reports to better understand the metrics behind the economics of your company, as well as customer and prospect behavior on your website (marketing analytics.)

One of the commonly overlooked pieces of your business is “conversion analysis” – that is, the who, what, when, where, why and how around prospects hitting your application marketing site and “converting” into a lead, free trial user, and/or customer.

There are a number of key factors that drive any SaaS conversion analysis.  Here are the 4 most important: […]