Sr DevOps Engineer – $125k+

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Recently relocated to Seattle from East Coast, in search of new DevOps role in a Linux or hybrid Linux/Windows environment.

DevOps Engineer 2/2015 – Present

  • Manage 200-300 servers on AWS through Chef and Terraform
  • Monitor servers via Sensu / Uchiwa and VictorOps
  • Administer Percona DBs running on EC2 instances
  • Created log aggregation system using Logstash, Elasticsearch, and Kibana
  • Created various dashboards related to error of Rails routes etc
  • Using AWS, Chef, Terraform, Capistrano, and Jenkins created system for rspec testing developer pull requests
  • Deployed HDP Hadoop cluster through Ambari to allow analysis of over 8TB of data via Spark and MapReduce over YARN
  • Created Logstash based system for sending logs into HDFS via the web API
  • Wrote scripts to transfer AWS logs in S3 buckets to HDFS and Elasticsearch
  • Supported data science team for their Python and data needs
  • Integrated Hue, Kibana, and other tools with Active Directory authentication
  • Diagnosed and responded to site down issues as needed
  • Created Selenium grid for running test suites
  • Used test kitchen / Chefspec for testing cookbook updatesConnected offices and VPCs through an internal VPN network

Systems Engineer 7/2013 – 2/2015

  • Manage several dozen servers in support of banking and tech conferences
  • Create file backups and test file recovery
  • Monitor systems with Nagios and write/modify plugins
  • Script tasks mostly in bash but also Python, Perl, and Ruby
  • Architect system to get the most out of hardware and avoid bottlenecks
  • Manage multiple VSFTP servers with virtual accounts
  • Configure Barracuda hardware and HAProxy software load balancing
  • Manage configurations for Ubuntu and Windows 7 with ChefAdminister git and svn repositories
  • Configure Cisco switches and ASA firewall
  • Utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) alongside physical hardware
  • Provision new virtual machines with VMWare and Linux QEMU/KVM
  • Create and modify Apache configurations to run PHP and Ruby on Rails apps
  • Run redundant internal DNS serversCluster services for high availability with Heartbeat, Pacemaker, and Corosync
  • Manage HA NFS cluster with DRBD, RAID, and bonded NICs
  • Administer Jenkins continuous integration server with dev team

Web Developer 2/2013 – 7/2013

  • Assisted clients with web design, especially WordPress
  • Wrote custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and PHP to achieve desired results
  • Set up online shops, hosting packages, and servers
  • Configured backups and reporting

Google Analytics Technical Support Agent 5/2010 – 3/2011 

Data Steward 7/2008 – 07/2009 

  • Write and run SQL queries against Oracle tables
  • Implement new data governance policies, procedures, and software tools
  • Document/suggest improvements to database CRUD and metadata policies
  • Maintain common semantic vocabulary across business areas

Systems Administrator / Operations Specialist 9/2007 – 7/2008 

  • Monitored orders placed in the Distributed Fleet Management system
  • Managed order authorization and internal warehouse routing logic
  • Worked with team based in the Philippines and several countries in Europe to provide 24-hour support to global customers
  • Created user login IDs and managed access levels