Should You Hire An On-Demand Recruiter?

Your company is growing fast and you’re struggling to find qualified candidates to fill your pipeline.  As a busy HR Manager, you’ve got your hands full managing payroll, benefits, employee experience, not to mention helping build and define company culture.  The last thing you have time to do is spend hours preparing job descriptions, posting to job boards or scrolling through LinkedIn searching for passive talent.

An on-demand recruiter can do all of these things for you, without the need to hire and manage another full-time staff member.  So how does you know if hiring an on-demand recruiter is right for you?

Hire a Recruiter

A good on-demand recruiter will serve many functions, but primarily, they will focus on owning and delivering full-cycle recruiting services, comprised of the following:

  • Refine and optimize your job descriptions
  • Choose the best job boards to post your openings
  • Work with your internal team to set up a referral program
  • Source passive job seekers proactively
  • Present candidates to hiring managers and solicit feedback
  • Schedule interviews
  • Negotiate offers
  • Managing background checks and new hire onboarding documentation

A good on-demand recruiter will function as an extension of your team.  They will understand your unique value proposition in the market, how to effectively tell your story to prospective candidates, and the preferences each of your hiring managers have.  Best of all, you can use them as little or as much as necessary.