June 28, 2017

Data and Analytics

big data Organizations have come to rely on data to drive thinking and decision making more now then ever.  Technology advancements in both the identification of data sources as well as the ingestion and processing of that data have opened up ways of looking at data that few thought possible.  The concept of an Enterprise Data Warehouse has shifted from the classic perspective of data stores and data marts, into full-fledged cloud-based data processing engines to look at millions of small bits of data to create unthinkable analytical possibilities.

As a leader within your organization/business unit, you need to ensure that you aren’t missing out on those business insights to influence your strategic thinking.  Makena Partners can help you tap into the power of big data analytics leveraging our deep experience in the space.

If we can help companies like Disney, Nordstrom and Groupon make decisions based on the power of their data, then we can certainly do the same for you.