Analytics Developer

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Objective:  Software development position which will make use of my experience and ability while delivering intelligent, efficient solutions and high code quality

Languages & Skills Java, Python, JavaScript, Bash, Transact-SQL, MySQL, Google BigQuery, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Google App Script, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certification, ga.js, analytics.js

Prior Experience using: C++, PHP, Ruby, Node.js


Software Developer in Analytics Integration OCTOBER 2014 – AUGUST 2015, SEATTLE, WA

Designed and implemented a scheduled ETL process from one Google BigQuery database to another using Google App Script, enabling dynamic query functionality not available in BigQuery SQL-like syntax Developed process enabling our customers to import their Google Analytics data from BigQuery into a Microsoft SQL Server database, or even query their BQ databases from within SSMS using OPENQUERY

Database Developer / NOVEMBER 2012 – SEPTEMBER 2014, BELLEVUE, WA

Developed automated process using a Bash shell script for LX dev team by which database object, schema, and data changes could be bundled and released as part of Jenkins builds for Continuous Integration environment

Production Analyst / ​ JANUARY 2008 – NOVEMBER 2012, BELLEVUE, WA
Created a quality-control verification program with SQL stored procedures to confirm customer deliverables were finished according to client specifications ㅡ


Bachelors in Business Administration